How to Remove Mold From Concrete

One of the most harmful contaminants to your property is mold. Not only is it very unsightly, but also it’s very harmful to your respiratory system. When the toxic spores are breathed in for extended periods of time, they can actually be fatal. When you spot mold growing on your concrete, it’s imperative that you take care of it right away. The following are a few easy steps for removing mold from concrete flooring.

Protect yourself

Because mold can be so dangerous, it’s best to protect your body before getting started. Loosening and sweeping the mold will actually force particles into the air that you are breathing. Anyone spending an extended period of time cleaning mold should have a covering over the mouth like a dust mask. The process will also bring your skin into contact with bleach and detergent, so it is wise to wear gloves.


The initial cleaning will be done with a broom. There will be different levels of mold build up, and some swept floors might remove a significant portion of the mold. But that’s not technically cleaning, but rather removing the excess mold before starting the cleaning process. Clear out as much of the loose mold as you can see and sweep loose.


Water and detergent should be mixed together at a ratio of about 4 parts water to 1 part detergent. Pour this onto the concrete using the broom, and spread it around over a large area of the flooring. Sliding and washing the detergent soaked water across the concrete will loosen up even more of the mold. Repeat this, and watch more mold be lifted from the floor.


Now is the time to mop the concrete floor. Empty the remainder of the water across the floor, and refill bucket with clean water. Mop the entire area and let it dry. You will be able to tell how much mold you have actually been able to remove. There is still a good chance there is hard to get mold that remains on the floor.


Getting at remaining mold should only take intensifying your cleaning solution. Adding bleach with a higher concentration of water should be sufficient. Try 10 parts water for every 1 part of bleach. To continue to make sure you are safe, make sure there is proper ventilation in the room you are using the bleach. Pour water and bleach over mold, and scrub with a scrub brush. Scrub area dry, and use a wet/dry vac to keep most of water away from floor. After cleansing the floor, allow it to dry.

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