Cleaning Polished Concrete

Many property owners will choose polished concrete for its beautiful gloss and shine. Others are more practical and are thinking mostly of the ease of maintenance with polished concrete. With relatively no maintenance or repair costs, you can enjoy your concrete flooring for many years. The extent of proper maintenance is simple, as it requires little more than a mop and water.

While you will not need to worry about deterioration or damage to polished concrete, it’s inevitable to have dirt and debris on a floor. This is why you should dust mop the polished concrete on a daily basis. Such a routine of removing dust will always keep the optimum sparkle on the floor. Dust mopping will also be necessary before any wet mopping on the floor. Just like with other floors where a broom is used before mopping, dust mops are good for preparing the floor for wet mopping.

When it is time for you to mop, you need to fill a bucket with water. You’ll also need to find a piece of nylon or a scrub brush to clean specific areas. Use the scrub brush and the water to loosen any dirt that might have ground into the floor. At every spot that you’ve scrubbed, wipe up the loosened dirt or debris with a rag or paper towel. Once the floor has been cleaned for those larger dirt spots, it’s time to wet mop.

Take the bucket of water, and fill it with a few drops of liquid detergent. The mop should then be submerged in the bucket of water, where you will slosh the mop up and down in the water to create suds. Continue doing this until you see a reasonable amount of foam and soap bubbles forming. Then wring out the mop and start to mop the floor. You will need to rewet and wring the mop several times. Allow floor to air dry.

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