Polished Concrete Floors FAQ

1. Can you polish floors with radiant heat? If the radiant heat source is 4″ below the surface, then the concrete can be polished.

2. Is polishing concrete messy? It is a relatively clean process and, when performed properly, the airborne particulate matter can be contained with vacuums.

3. Is polished concrete environmentally friendly? Polished concrete is an inexpensive, long term, environmentally friendly flooring solution. It is LEED compliant.

4. How does concrete get shiny? Progressively grinding the surface of the concrete with finer and finer grit produces a smooth surface that reflects light, producing the polished look. Sealers are also sometimes applied to enhance the shine.

5. Do you use a sealer? Polished concrete offers plenty of durability without a sealer, though some applications benefit from its application. It depends on what the floor is being used for and whether or not staining is an issue.

6. How do I maintain the floors? Keeping the floor clean of debris on a daily basis, reapplying sealer regularly and repolishing as needed is all that is required.

7. How soon can I use the floor? It can be used as soon as the polishing process is complete and the floor has dried.

8. How much does it cost? Polished concrete can cost anywhere from a dollar a square foot to twenty dollars a square foot.

9. Can polished concrete be used outside? Yes. Matte finishes are best as the high shine of polished concrete is difficult to maintain with regular exposure to the elements.

10. Why polished concrete over epoxy flooring? Polishing concrete is more cost effective than using sealers and epoxy flooring. The shine lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

11. Are polished concrete floors slippery? No, It is actually less slippery than other options because the surface of the floor is porous, giving more friction per step. Polished concrete floors meet OSHA standards as a slip resistant flooring material.

12. How long do they last? With proper maintenance and care, your polished concrete floor has the potential to last an entire lifetime.

13. How long does the shine last? The more traffic the floor is exposed to, the more often it will need to be polished to maintain shine.

14. Are they stain proof? When a sealer is used, polished concrete is resistant to stains but sealers will not entirely prevent them from developing.

15. Is polished concrete chemical resistant? No

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