Green Benefits of Polished Concrete

Environmentally conscious builders and contractors are trying to save the earth, one project at a time. Whenever any construction or renovation is done to a building, one of the first criteria for planners is that it is 100% environmentally friendly. The same is true for most new commercial and residential floor installations. Not only is polished concrete, a floor that’s safe for the environment. But the look is dazzling and unmatched by any other, and consumers will consider it a conscientious choice.

One of the key ways that polished concrete flooring is an asset to the environment is its ability to cut down on energy usage. In both commercial and residential properties, the over-usage and need for lighting consumes a lot of energy. This results in inflated energy bills. But a lot of the costs derive from how most floors absorb light. This creates a need to continue using extra energy in overhead lighting.

Existing flooring materials can be reused or recycled by the concrete polishing process. Nothing needs to be wasted or go without being part of the renovation process. When the standing concrete is polished there is no need to have new flooring materials to cover the concrete. Simply, polishing it will create the new look and floor. This conserves materials as opposed to adding costs of a complete overhaul. When acceptable concrete additives are used, it increases the recycled content of the new concrete.

Polished concrete lasts a long time, normally for the life of the building itself. Many buildings have a profound environmental impact on their surroundings through a variety of environmentally unfriendly building materials. Polished concrete flooring materials are the perfect balance and a common and growing trend among responsible citizens. Not only will it last long, but also it will continue to provide the safe and healthy standards that it is installed with. Building owners can enjoy polished concrete for many years to come.

There are a certain standards in North Carolina established by the Leaders in Energy in Environmental Design (LEED). This program is a means for the green building industry to use for making buildings sustainable. The energy use and the building’s carbon imprint are key factors in the development of LEED certified homes. Polished Concrete floors fall in line with the initiatives of LEED, and help foster a much greener society with more environmentally friendly communities and construction projects.

Polished concrete is one of the flooring materials that designers can analyze and agree is a much needed improvement. The floor’s performance reaches beyond aesthetics, and complements energy consumption, efficiency, and overall lighting. Having such valuable flooring materials is a bonus to employees and consumers alike. Energy and maintenance expenses are huge costs to owners, and with polished concrete flooring, you can save a tremendous amount on the need for repair and renovation. These materials are meant to last, and the LEED-NC standards have been developed to make sure they do.

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