Properly Maintaining and Cleaning your Polished Concrete Floors

Here is the truth: polished concrete floors are astoundingly easy to clean and maintain. Even the couch potatoes of the world can keep these floors sparkling. If your polished concrete floors are located in high traffic areas, you will need to know how to properly maintain them. Follow these easy, yet essential steps.

Cleaning the floors requires only a dampened mop. You can use water the majority of the time, but if you would like to thoroughly clean it, use a light detergent like Dawn. If a good sweeping is necessary, just use a dust mop or vacuum.

Here are products that you should not use to clean your polished concrete floors: bleach detergent (Clorox, Soft Scrub, etc.), acid based products (vinegar or ammonia), abrasive cleaning cloths (SOS pads, etc.), or harsh cleaning detergents (Comet, Bon Ami, etc.).

If someone spills a substance like coffee or alcohol, clean it up as quickly as possible. The longer it sits, the more damage it can potentially cause.

Higher traffic areas will obviously require more frequent cleaning. Lower traffic areas do not require as much attention, but should be routinely clean to ensure a healthy life.

It is recommended, especially in areas of high traffic, that polished concrete floors be resealed with polish every 3 to 5 years. By polishing the floors every few years, you are ensuring a virtually maintenance free floor.

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