How to Clean Polished Tile Floors

Polished porcelain tile floors can make anyone fall in love. While these floors have their immaculate look, the shiny floor also makes tiny specks of dust and very obvious dirt obvious. Maintaining polished porcelain floors is very easy because they are very durable, has stain-resistant properties, and very easy to clean.

Regular sweeping and regular mopping can keep the pristine condition of polished porcelain floors. However, if your floor is particularly dirty then you may want to follow the tips below to properly clean your polished porcelain tile flooring.

1. Sweep or vacuum the floor to get rid of the layer of dust and specks of dirt. You may want to clear any furniture along the way so you can thoroughly clean the surface.

2. You can use a mild detergent or tile cleaner when you mop the floor. It will be best to work first on a small area so you can apply and remove the cleaning product properly. In case you are using a strong solution that is not specifically formulated for polished porcelain floors, you have to dilute the product to half of its strength. Make sure you follow instructions and read labels to avoid damaging the floor surface.

3. Mop the tiles with a good amount of water to ensure that you clean off any residual detergent or cleaning solution.

4. Dry the floor well and use a piece of soft cloth to avoid any spots or streaks on the tiles.

Additional Tips

Ask your contractor or a previous homeowner if the polished porcelain floor has been properly sealed. If not you can easily seal the tile in order to protect it from possible staining.

Never use ammonia-based cleaners as they can discolor your tiles.

Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry on the floor as it can form a film that will be tougher to clean.

In case of spills, clean and wipe them as soon as you can.

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