Reducing Maintenance Man Hours With Polished Concrete

The reason that people choose polished concrete flooring may be for the durability, and the sophisticated and formal looks they create. Keeping floors sparkling and shiny can be a difficult task for many property owners. Fortunately, for polished concrete floor owners, the general maintenance is not as extensive as most other flooring materials.

Even thought it’s very durable, and doesn’t require the type of maintenance that polished hardwood floors might, it doesn’t mean that they are maintenance-free. It’s pretty much impossible to have a floor with a heavy-flow of foot traffic that does not gradually show wear and debris accumulation. Feet travel across the polished floor, carrying soil with them from other locations. This repetitive traffic is a major reason why the luster of a lot of polished concrete floors is lost.

To maintain the floor, and keep it at its brightest and best, there are just a few cleaning steps that should be done as a routine. These steps will allow owners to avoid expensive re-polishing or remodeling costs that other materials might call for. To keep expensive maintenance man-hours down to a minimum, owners should abide by the steady routine. Staying on top of the maintenance will ultimately take less time and energy.

Dust mopping the floor daily will make sure unattractive dust particles are removed. The dust and soil can be harmful to the luster of the floor, causing abrasions. Wet mopping isn’t needed as often, but it should also be done on a consistent routine. Never use mops or water that is still dirty to wet mop the floor. Using non-abrasive floor scrubbing pads will also protect the floor from unnecessary marking.

Spills on concrete flooring are inevitable. It’s important to start cleaning these spills as quickly as possible. But it’s also important to allow cleaners enough time to work on the stain before trying to remove it completely. If the cleaning agent is removed too early, then there might be some residual from the stain left behind in the porous concrete. The cleaning agent should still not be allowed to dry on the surface.


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