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Polished Concrete Floors FAQ

1. Can you polish floors with radiant heat? If the radiant heat source is 4″ below the surface, then the concrete can be polished. 2. Is polishing concrete messy? It is a relatively clean process and, when performed properly, the airborne particulate matter can be contained with vacuums. 3. Is polished concrete environmentally friendly? Polished […]

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How to Clean Polished Tile Floors

Polished porcelain tile floors can make anyone fall in love. While these floors have their immaculate look, the shiny floor also makes tiny specks of dust and very obvious dirt obvious. Maintaining polished porcelain floors is very easy because they are very durable, has stain-resistant properties, and very easy to clean. Regular sweeping and regular […]

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How to Remove Mold From Concrete

One of the most harmful contaminants to your property is mold. Not only is it very unsightly, but also it’s very harmful to your respiratory system. When the toxic spores are breathed in for extended periods of time, they can actually be fatal. When you spot mold growing on your concrete, it’s imperative that you […]

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