How Long Does Polished Concrete Last?

A polished concrete floor is an amazing choice from many flooring options. Take the durability alone and many people are sold right away. The ease in maintenance is a bonus. Depending on the use for the floor, there might be many opportunities for any other flooring to deteriorate. It’s not just the durability, but it’s the unique aesthetics that keep it at the top of the list for many commercial properties. But, if we have to be completely honest, every floor will need attention. It’s just that some need more than others. And the upkeep, albeit very simple, is the determining factor on how long a polished concrete floor will last.

First of all, when you’re discussing the durability of polished concrete, you’re really referring to the shine and gloss. How long will you enjoy the same pretty floor that you enjoyed on day one. There really is no concern for “damaging” per se. But the beauty might have been your reason for the purchase, so it’s a good idea to consider what can hinder that. This is where the simple maintenance can become vital to the looks.

A shine can disappear prematurely, but it is really avoidable. A key mistake property owners will use is harsh chemicals. Not everything that you consider a “cleaner” is actually beneficial to your polished concrete. Products that contain alkalies or a high pH are not suitable for polished concrete. They will shorten the shine quickly. Another mistake is using harsh brushes. Polished concrete may be resistant to abrasion, but coarse pads and brushes will certainly force the issue, and eventually do what they’re designed to do. After several years of this lackluster maintenance, you may end up not recognizing your floor.

The ultimate no-no is to do nothing at all. Dirt, debris, and the general grind of daily traffic will wear down a shine. This could easily be avoided by not allowing the floor to harbor such grime. Just doing the bare minimum is often enough. There’s no reason that your polished concrete floor can’t outlast you.


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