Polished Concrete for Schools

It is important for school systems all across America to maintain cleanliness in their schools at all times. One of the most time consuming tasks most janitors face is floor maintenance. There are many aspects to cleaning the floors within a school building such as: sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, polishing, and refinishing. In spite of with all this work, after a while the floors will begin to wear down and sometimes even peel or crack in places. This makes for a very unprofessional setting and many unhappy parents and students. What parent wants their child to attend a school that looks run down? If a school is outdated can a parent also assume the curriculum and standards provided for the students are as well? Truth is both the common core standards as well as the maintenances of a school are the basis on what a school is judged on.

This is why polished concrete floors in schools are vital and for more than one reason. First, it is a green option for flooring needs. Polished concrete is long lasting with little environmental impacts over the course of its life. This type of floor can be refurbished many times over with little labor and use of materials as well. Most of the materials for polished concrete floors are just reused saving money as well as the environment.

Because of the thermal properties, a concrete floor can also dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs in a building. The polish of the floor makes it reflective thus reducing loads of non-process lighting and reducing energy costs. This is just another aspect of polished concrete floors that makes them environmentally friendly.

The best is yet to come. Polished concrete floors have no topical coating, so they will not crack or peel ever. It also surpasses OSHA slip resistance standards, and this gives teachers and staff peace of mind. The durability of polished concrete floor is better than ever because it stands up against dust and abrasion. Because of this, as well as not having to ever strip or wax the floor, cuts down on labor hours of the janitorial staff. Even with all these perks nothing speaks louder than the professional look a polished concrete floor brings to a building.

With all the benefits that a polished concrete floor can bring to a school such as: a professional look and feel, low maintenance, fewer man hours, low energy costs, safety, and durability why would you want anything else? Polished concrete floors are the most reliable and beautiful feature that a school can acquire.


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