Properly Maintaining a Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete floors are an easy to maintain flooring choice. However, they are not maintenance free! If these floors are not properly cared for, their shine will dull over time. Here are the simple ways your polished concrete must be cared for, both daily and regularly.

Daily Maintenance

Each day, polished concrete floors must be dry mopped. Make sure that a microfiber pad is used to avoid scratching the surface. If polished concrete is not dust mopped daily, grime will eventually ruin the floor’s shine. Consider placing rugs at all entry points of the concrete room. The rugs will require a daily vacuum, but will catch a great amount of dirt before it enters the room. Also, it is imperative to clean any stains or spills promptly. Concrete is a porous surface. Therefore, if a liquid is allowed to sit on it, it will eventually soak into the material.

Regular Maintenance

The good news is that polished concrete will never have to be waxed or sealed! However, the flooring does require regular wet mopping. In many cases, plain water can be used for this task. Make sure the water and mop are both clean before beginning. Other times, a professional cleaning solution will be needed. Check with the experts before purchasing, as anything too alkaline or acidic can dull the shine. Some of these cleaners are made to suspend the grime, making removal easy. Always make sure the cleaner has the proper time to work before starting the next step. An automatic floor buffer is another way to maintain the flooring. With a soft pad attached, this professional machine will buff floors in a short time.

In summary, polished concrete is a maintenance friendly floor to own. Not only easy to maintain, the care routine for this material is affordable. With very little upkeep, polished concrete floors will look new for years to come.

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