Two Misconceptions About Polished Concrete Floors

A sparkling polished concrete floor is a great addition to any business or home. Polished concrete floors are durable, low-maintenance, non-slippery, and aesthetically pleasing. The low cost and relatively low maintenance of polished concrete have catalyzed an increasing popularity to use them instead of wood or tile. A well maintained polished concrete floor can last over 100 years. In order to keep your floor in top condition, don’t believe these two common misconceptions.

The persistent shine of polished concrete makes people think that it doesn’t need regular cleaning or maintenance. This is simply not true, all floors get dirty from daily use. People and animals drag in dirt, mud, and sand. These contaminants will slowly deteriorate the shine of the floor by scratching and grinding away at the surface. To keep the floor in tip top shape, it must be cleaned routinely like any other floor. A polished concrete floor should be swept and mopped at least once a week to keep up its appearance. Sweeping the floor will remove the large contaminants that scratch at the surface of the floor. Mopping the floor will remove all the very tiny contaminants and keep the shine of the floor in tact.

All floor cleaners are not made the same. Floor cleaners are specifically formulated to clean different surfaces. An acidic cleaner that is designed to clean a wax floor will damage the the surface of the polished concrete sealer. It is essential to use a cleaner that is specifically made for polished concrete. Also, make sure to follow the manufacturer instructions on the cleaner. Using too much cleaner or not diluting it enough is just as bad as using the wrong cleaner. Choosing the right cleaner will keep the floor shining, but the wrong cleaner will leave it dull and in need of an expensive re-shine.

Polished concrete floors are beautiful and should stay that way. Avoiding the stated misconceptions will keep any polished concrete floor looking brand new for many years.

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