How to Tell if Your Concrete Floor Can Be Polished

Concrete floors are very common. When left unpolished, concrete floors can feel heavy, a bit drab, and sometimes uninviting. If you own a business, polishing your building’s concrete floors can make a world of difference when a client or customer enters your premises. It looks professional. It looks clean. It looks high-end.

If you are concerned about whether or not your concrete floor can be polished, need not to worry. Most concrete floors can be polished. Even if these floors were laid decades ago, this look is certainly feasible.

The primary issue with polishing your floors would be if the floor is damaged far beyond repair. The repairs would far exceed the cost of a new pour. Excessively oily floors will also complicate the process.

If you are considering polishing your concrete floors, following are a few things that you should keep in mind.

If your floors are fresh concrete, when polishing, no special additives or mixes will be needed to do the job.  When you polish new floors, you should wait at least 28 days before allowing traffic into the area. The longer the floor avoids traffic, the more effectively the polish will harden. When you put the floors to use too soon, they are at a higher risk for damage. If this happens, more steps will need to be added, and you will end up spending more money and time.

Existing concrete floors require a few extra steps than fresh concrete. Firstly, the area will have to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt and debris. If it has been coated before, this will have to be removed.  Old concrete floors have most likely taken on some damage. If there are any areas that are uneven, this will have to be corrected prior to polishing.

Your contractor may use a densifier on your existing floor. This will remove dust and also enhance the strength of the floor when it is finally polished.

You do not have to identify these issues on your own. If you hire experienced and trustworthy concrete flooring experts like Preferred Concrete Polishing, we can look over the floor for you and give you an honest, thorough evaluation of your floor and the possibilities for polishing, as well as the steps necessary if polishing is a viable option for the floor.

Preferred Concrete Polishing has dedicated our resources and staff specifically to floor polishing applications, so if you have unanswered questions, please call us at (336) 992-5600. With more than 20 years of experience in the concrete floor polishing industry, our team can help you make the right choices, and execute your polishing project with precision.

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