Commercial Flooring Options

When choosing which type of flooring to install in your commercial property there are several things for you to consider. Because commercial properties will usually have much more traffic than private properties, only certain types of flooring are appropriate. There is a definite need for them to be durable. The required maintenance and cleaning of the floors should also be factored into the decision. The following are a few commercial floorings that are composed of very different materials.


Wood is definitely one of the more expensive flooring options. The aesthetic appeal of wood is very attractive to most people. If properly maintained, wood can last for a very long time and provide the same desired look as when purchased. This is a time when you must consider the function of your property, and the amount of traffic that will be traveling upon it. Hardwood floors do have the tendency to show the signs of their use and age, even with proper treatment. Sanding and polishing may be something you have to do more than you expected, which can mean paying for the flooring all over again.

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are more popular these days in many commercial properties like offices or daycares. They were once mainly used in residences. Their convenient layout is made up of individual squares of carpet. They can be mixed and matched to your liking and to fit your décor. This versatility makes it a popular choice, and much more practical than single sheets that would cover the entire floor. When inevitable spills and stains occur, you can simply replace one or two squares relatively easy and inexpensively. The small size makes them easy to move and rearrange, but they certainly don’t provide the same aesthetic appeal that other options do.


Rubber flooring is generally used in sporting facilities, industrial settings, or in hospitals and schools. It’s waterproof and stain resistant, so the maintenance is pretty easy. Rubber floorings can be good for support. Any traffic that walks or moves upon it will enjoy the cushioned material. For high impact and heavy objects that need to travel across the flooring, the rubber will absorb most of the wear. The natural cushioning is good for its resilience and insulation, but cannot provide the aesthetics and versatility of some the other flooring options.

Polished Concrete

The most attractive flooring option for its high scores in all the necessary categories of commercial flooring is polished concrete. No other flooring can provide the same professional, durable, and sophisticated look as polished concrete. To create the same air of elegance, a commercial property’s flooring would need to be installed with an extremely expensive stone material like marble. This would not only be entirely too expensive, but also impractical for functioning as a commercial flooring. Polished concrete will reflect that same beautiful shine, but also be just as easy to clean and maintain. No additional work will be needed to keep the floor shining for the life of the property. For all these bonuses to polished concrete, the cost is very affordable. What you will be saving in future costs certainly makes polished concrete the top choice of any commercial property’s flooring.

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