Reasons to Choose Polished Concrete over Conventional Concrete

Conventional concrete floors are tough. There is no doubt about it. Why not go the extra step and polish it? You would be surprised how cost effective this process is and how much value it can add to your home or commercial building. There are endless reasons why you should choose polished concrete over conventional concrete floors. Listed are just a few of them.


Conventional concrete floors are cold. Any homeowner with an unfinished basement has experienced how these concrete floors are so cold-natured. It is a bit uncomfortable, especially in the winter months when all you want is heat. Polishing the floors will partly eliminate the temperature issue. Polished concrete floors are no colder or warmer than traditional flooring options. In fact, these finished floors may actually decrease your air conditioning costs in the summer because they maintain a consistent and cool temperature.

Unpolished concrete floors are also more difficult to clean. The surface is a bit more rugged, allowing for dirt and debris to easily accumulate. Vacuuming is probably your best option, but it will not be a smooth ride. On the flip side, polished concrete floors require very little cleaning. All you need is a wet mop. Polishing the floors will make for a more even surface, making it harder for debris and dirt to accumulate.

In addition, polished floors are also liquid repellent. Instead of seeping into your carpets or hardwood, these floors simply resist it. You will not have to worry about any stains ruining the look of your floor. Not to mention, these floors are very scuff resistant as well.

There is really no room for customizing conventional concrete floors. You are essentially stuck with this gray, cold surface. Polishing them opens hundreds of windows of opportunities for customization. For commercial buildings, you can incorporate your company logo into the floor design. You can also choose from a wide array of colors. Have the floors stenciled or bordered if you wish. You can even imitate the look of marble or granite.

By polishing the floors, you can have your professional add in a non-slip additive. If this is for business purposes, you can be assured that your customers can safely walk around your building. For families with children, this will give you more peace of mind.

Polished concrete floors are much more reflective than conventional concrete. This reflective surface gives off the appearance of more light, meaning your energy costs will decrease. So it not only lightens the room, but also lightens the bill.

In short, if you have an unpolished concrete floor in your home or commercial building, polish it. You would be amazed at how affordable this can be. It will save you much frustration when cleaning, and will even save you money on your next energy bill.

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