Polished Concrete Versus Hardwood Floors

Polished concrete floors or hardwood floors? You may have never thought that you would be facing this question, but with the growing popularity of polished concrete floors, many people are. To compare them, let’s break it down into a few important categories and see how they compete.

Color & Design Options

When it comes to wood floors, there are many different colors and looks you can achieve. Dark wood, light wood, stained, and so on. However, polished concrete floor design and color options are unlimited. They come in almost any color, a large variety of textures, and you can even add designs.

Durability & Resistance

Properly cared for hardwood floors can last 35 years or more. Polished concrete floors, with proper care, will last just as long if not longer. Due to its dense polished surface, these concrete floors tend to be much more resistant to stains, scuffs, and other abrasions than hardwood.


Hardwood floors require water or specific cleaners, and in about every 5 to 10 years a maintenance coat will need to be added to your floors. Polished concrete only requires a damp mop, and there is no need to wax or coat the surface due to its glossy finish.


If hardwood floors get too wet, it is very likely that mold and mildew will accumulate, posing problems to your health and those with allergies. Polished concrete is an inorganic material that does not allow the growth of mold or other harmful allergens.

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