What is a Polished Concrete Overlay?

A polished concrete overlay can easily transform the look of the flooring in your home or business. Regardless the condition or type of flooring you currently have, the concrete overlay provides you a unique alternative that is extremely easy to maintain when completed. Most concrete slabs can be polished even if they have severe flaws that require patching. Once the existing floor is prepared for the concrete overlay, the appearance of the flooring will be completely transformed with a high gloss polished finish.

The concrete overlay is an alternative solution for polishing floors that have major imperfections. Regardless if the current cement has major cracks, tack holes from carpeting, or uneven sections, the polished concrete overlay allows contractors to create a one of a kind smooth surface that is seam free. The owner then has the ability to completely customize the flooring by adding saw cuts or adding a colored aggregate to achieve a terrazzo type finish. This will save the client about half the money it would cost to install a true terrazzo type flooring. The polished concrete overlay will hide all the imperfections of the previous concrete flooring and give the owner the ability to completely transform the look of the rooms.

The speed at which the polished concrete overlays can be installed depend on the condition of the current flooring. Major patchwork will obviously take a significant amount of time compared to polishing concrete that already has a perfect finish. The new flooring will allow the client to add many custom features like stamps, color aggregates, and cuts in the concrete to section off different areas.

The polished concrete overlay is also environmentally friendly. The flooring will not be susceptible to mold or mildew which can lead to respiratory health concerns. As these overlays become more popular people are creating some very unique ways to transform the floor with decorative ideas that make each one a work of art in themselves.

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