Affordable Greensboro Concrete Polishing Brings Out the Shine

The modern Greensboro building design takes on a long-lasting, affordable quality with concrete polishing. Beautiful and durable, polished concrete flooring is a wise option to use for flooring in large office spaces. Today, most of the contemporary office buildings in Greensboro are built on a concrete slab. Polishing the concrete brings out the luster and adds sophistication and style to any interior design. Concrete flooring is slip-resistant and a sustainable choice for commercial properties. Some of the main benefits of using polished concrete flooring include:

  • Beautiful appearance with a shiny finish
  • Excellent choice for the environment
  • Only minimal maintenance required
  • Long-lasting and affordable

High Grade Polish Creates a Shiny Finish to Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors enhance business facilities, such as industrial buildings, warehouses, retail stores and even restaurants. The process of achieiving the beautiful brilliant shine involves filling the pores of the concrete, as explained in

“Transforming concrete into a smooth and decorative surface for flooring requires treating it with a concrete densifier, a chemical that’s applied over the concrete surface to fill the pores. Once the surface is prepared and dried, it’s then ground with grinding tools that get progressively finer to achieve the desired finish. Polished concrete is measured in grades and
finishes: the higher the grade, the larger the exposed aggregates; similarly, the higher the finish, the shinier the polish.”

With a variety of finishes available, you can get the desired look that you want for your commercial flooring, with long-lasting results.

Polished Concrete is a Healthy Option

Concrete flooring resists mold spore growth, as well as keeping bacteria away. That is why it is an attractive option for food service companies, hospitals, and scientific laboratories because concrete promotes a healthy environment. Concrete also does not harbor dust mites or allergens as carpet or other types of flooring can. Also, there are not any solvents or harsh chemicals used in the polishing process, so there aren’t any contaminants released into the environment. Being eco-friendly is another benefit of this modern flooring in Greensboro buildings.

Maintenance for Polished Concrete is Minimal

There is no need to bring in carpet cleaners, replace old rugs or hire annual laborers to work on the floors. With Greensboro concrete polishing, you can maintain your floor quality by simply sweeping the floor and mopping routinely to keep the floor shiny and clean. This low maintenance characteristic means a savings of time and money. Replacing carpets or hard wood flooring can be tedious, cumbersome and expensive. Polished concrete flooring only requires refinishing every few years to maintain the beautiful shine.

Flooring that Enhances the Work Environment

Polished concrete has a reflective surface which contributes to the brightness of the natural light. This light reflectivity allows for fewer light fixtures and energy use because of the floor’s high finish. With a reflective surface and a slip resistant surface, concrete floors create a better work environment with greater safety benefits in your building. Concrete flooring is a convenient and affordable way to create a bold and modern statement, stay healthy and clean, and maintain a high level of quality for many years.

If you are contemplating a polished floor design for your commercial facility, please contact Preferred Concrete Polishing. There is no curing time, which means that after your floor is polished, it is ready for use. You will not have to worry about chipping, peeling or flaking with concrete flooring, and your business can obtain LEED-NC points with the green impact on the environment. Contact us today to schedule your flooring consultation: 336-992-5600.

(Source: Remodeling 101: Polished Concrete Floors,, March 5, 2015)


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