Top 5 Design Ideas For Your Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can change the entire environment in a room. Stained polish creates the glossy look most of us are used to. Their gloss alone can accentuate the contents of a room. People encounter a variety of concrete floors in very diverse properties. There is a certain concrete polishing suited for just about any setting. Owners have a variety of choices that will ultimately define the character of their property. Here are the Top 5 Design Ideas for your polished concrete floors:

Concrete overlay

Aesthetically pleasing is generally the number one rule when designing the floor. The durability and maintenance of the floor is probably a close second. The first priority is taken care of with the high gloss finish that a concrete overlay will give you. Another reason it’s popular is because it solves existing problem there may be with the floors, like smudging, fading, or marks. All this can be done without spending a lot of money. Although the floor will take a lot of time to get prepared for the overlay, it’s definitely worth the trouble.

Stained polish concrete

This is a common way to add color to a concrete floor. Depending on the location and type of property, there are a variety of ways a property owner might want to go. Concrete slabs in any indoor, or outdoor setting can be polished to make the flooring attractive. Creative designers and homeowners can use color applications to completely change the atmosphere. A garage can be polished with a color that complements the content of the garage. A supermarket can be stained with a polish that reflects and complements the bright cleanliness of the store.

Dyed Polish concrete

These dye polishes are probably for bolder flooring. It would definitely be used when an owner wants the floor to be the highlight of the room. Dyes are used in conjunction with the stained polish. This will yield more vibrant colors and tones. A person who wants a flooring to reflect a unique color like blue, purple, or yellow will benefit from using a dye. The dyes can be mixed right there on site, allowing for owners to pinpoint exactly colors they’re looking for.

Gray Polish Concrete

There will be many properties where the flooring is all about the durability and use. While the floor is still meant to look aesthetically pleasing, it may not be what is supposed to be highlighted. For instance, an automobile showroom floor would probably most like the floor to accentuate the cars. A plain, uncolored, shade of gray will bring about the appropriate subtleties, while still yielding a nice gloss.

Polished Concrete Patterns

This is an awesome technique for the right creative designer, and the right floor. The concrete flooring can be customized to meet the coloring, cutting, and engraving needs of diverse types of properties. This option will usually only be used by the most creative designers. Often, there are pre-existing designs or patterns that need to be implemented. A variety of exotic color patterns are always possible. But the different touches that can be made to the shapes and textures make the possibilities limitless.

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