Concrete Re-surfacing Repair Tips

As most of us have probably seen already, concrete is not impervious to damage. Over years of all kinds of traffic traveling across the concrete, it will eventually bring a worn look to the concrete. It will longer be as attractive as it used to be. This is because of cracks, discoloration, or any variety of imperfections. In order to be restored to proper standards, it may need to removed all together, and replaced with a new slab. This may be a more costly option. Fortunately, there are other options available.

To save money, and still be able to change the concrete into a new and decorative surface, you can actually re-surface the concrete. By not replacing the flooring, you will not only save money, but you will also conserve these resources. The elimination by disposal will not be a problem for the environment. A polymer-modified overlay is able to improve the look of the concrete. There are a wide range of patterns and colors that can be applied during the re-surfacing.

One tip to follow before proceeding with re-surfacing is to get rid of the broken concrete from the slab. When you attempt re-surfacing with cracked concrete pieces, it is very likely that the re-surfacing job is not going to last very long. First remove the bad pieces that need repair. Then, you can proceed with re-surfacing.

The second tip is used to be able to effectively bond the materials together. By adding the bonding agent into the concrete mix, it will more readily take to the existing surface. These bonding chemicals can be found in the same stores that sell the supplies for masonry. It’s kept in the larger gallon containers, and it resembles the same liquid glue that you might see in classrooms.

Lastly, the concrete flooring may use the polymer coating. What you would do is pour the liquid out on top of the concrete surface and smooth it out. Any imperfections and gaps in the concrete will be filled, creating level flooring. When the concrete is in relatively good condition, it may not require a complete re-surfacing, but only need a staining, or engraving to enhance the appearance.


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