5 Reasons Polished Concrete is Better Than Unpolished Concrete

There are multiple reasons that polished concrete is better than regular concrete when it comes to flooring. The five biggest benefits of polished concrete floors are below.

First of all, when compared to regular concrete, polished concrete floors last significantly longer than any other type of hard or soft flooring. In addition, they don’t need the time consuming cleanings that typical flooring types do. Actually, to keep your polished concrete floors looking great all you have to do is sweep the dust off them. Just about any cleaning product or even water will get everything cleaned up in the event that something splatters on them.

Polished concrete floors don’t trap microscopic organisms or water like other types of flooring are known to. When the floor is polished it closes any pores that were present before the polishing and this prevents penetration by moisture and particles. Polished concrete is ideal for anyone who has a sensitive respiratory system.

Finished concrete floors can also match any kind of interior. They are available in different shades and patterns, and you can even pick the gloss level. Residential buyers typically go for polished concrete flooring because it is a great low cost alternative to materials with a similar appearance. With the correct level of gloss, polished concrete floors can look very similar to marble or granite floors.

Polished floors cause minimal disruptions, whether you’re a homeowner or a factory owner. The process can be done piece by piece, which decreases the hassle and any schedule or activity adjustments. Plus, once the concrete polishing is completed there is nothing else to wait on. The new polished concrete floor is ready for daily use.

Finally, polished concrete reduces energy consumption. These floors reflect both heat and light. As a result heat and light are not lost through the floor so less energy is used and this reduces utility costs.

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