Penetrating Dyes vs. Concrete Stains

Many people are wondering if there are any differences between concrete dyes and concrete stains. The answer is yes, and the differences are substantial. Let’s take a look at some of the more important differences.

It is no secret that many of those who have concrete floors are now turning to dyes over stains. Dyes have come a long way over the last several years and are now one of the most popular ways of decorating a concrete floor. They are very easy to use and apply, they offer a wide range of colors (not often the case with stains), and they can be used in a variety of decorative venues.

Concrete stains work chemically. They react with a substance in the concrete called calcium hydroxide. Dyes, on the other hand, do not require this chemical reaction. The colors that you find with stains is imparted to the floor through the reaction process. Dyes, however, penetrate the concrete thus leaving a more stable color. In other words, with it is easier to get the exact color you want when you use dyes.

Because of the way that dyes penetrate the surface, they are able to penetrate better than stains and they leave a lot less residue behind. As there is less residue, cleanup is a snap.

Dyes are the choice for those who want vibrant, bright colors. Most stains simply cannot deliver the same results when it comes to color intensity. For this reason, many of those who need decorative applications are now using dyes over stains.

Dyes can be bought in either solvent or water based formulations. For those who want the look of a stain (meaning more marbling), water based dyes are the way to go as this formulation produces a look that is similar to stain if applied correctly. If there is a downside to using dyes it is that dyes penetrate fast.

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