Choosing the Right Floor Color

Polished concrete flooring is a very popular choice these days for businesses that understand the benefits of polished concrete. Beside all the maintenance and durability advantages, polished concrete floors have a versatile beauty. Preferred Concrete Polishing has a wide array of dye colors with which to install your new flooring. Your personal preference and style may direct the choices, but there are definitely some color choices that are better than others for particular buildings.

One of the most popular applications for polished concrete flooring is the auto repair shop garage. Picking a light color that can reflect the overhead lighting in the room is best. Owners do not want to choose anything dark because there is a greater potential for important items to be lost when they hit the floor. This same principle applies to any hangar or warehouse where the color needs to complement an easy use of the stored planes and parts.

Polished concrete floors can also go completely in the opposite direction, with a midnight black color that still contains star-like specks. This should be in rare circumstances like in a dance club flooring, or any establishment where it’s customary to be in the dark most of the time. Possibly, theater floorings could be perfectly suitable to use this special black dye. However, most of the time in a retail store consumers and owners would prefer warmer, friendlier colors. Probably the most universal of colors is light brown or tan. It is extremely versatile and complements so many settings.

When designers may start to get creative is when a business has a unique color that it wants to incorporate into its flooring. However, the color scheme of the flooring should not match the colors of the business exactly. Any designer should be trying to create a more dynamic aesthetic, which is why polished concrete is perfect. When companies try to match the colors exactly, it can become to simplistic and overbearing. Preferred Concrete Polishing has illustrious and truly original colors with patterns that can be mixed and applied to create a gorgeous look.

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