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Incorporating Company Business Logos into Concrete Floors

Many business owners are well aware of the dazzling spectacle that a polished concrete floor can create. This durable and sophisticated installation brings life to any room, and business owners from all over the country are seeking to reap the benefits of polished concrete. The ease of maintenance, the durability, and the sparkle, are just […]

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Using Dyes for Coloring and Imagery on Concrete Floors

When it comes to concrete floors, there are a number of ways to customize them. One of the easiest and most common ways of doing this is to add color with acid stains or solvent based stains. Acid stains for concrete floors and countertops are generally a mix of water, hydrochloric acid, and metallic salts. […]

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Penetrating Dyes vs. Concrete Stains

Many people are wondering if there are any differences between concrete dyes and concrete stains. The answer is yes, and the differences are substantial. Let’s take a look at some of the more important differences. It is no secret that many of those who have concrete floors are now turning to dyes over stains. Dyes […]

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Logo Design for Business Concrete Floors

First impressions matter in business as in life in general. The look and feel of the lobby in which an office is located can say much about the company itself. To present clients and potential clients with pleasing, elegant, and graceful images as they enter your place of business is a great way of making […]

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Choosing the Right Floor Color

Polished concrete flooring is a very popular choice these days for businesses that understand the benefits of polished concrete. Beside all the maintenance and durability advantages, polished concrete floors have a versatile beauty. Preferred Concrete Polishing has a wide array of dye colors with which to install your new flooring. Your personal preference and style […]

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Use Penetrating Dyes To Match Concrete Floor Colors With Interior

The idea of having a Preferred Concrete Polishing floor is quite exciting for most designers. They know what quality they’re getting, and the expectation is enough to fill property owners with anticipation. Even though they know how great the floor will look, anxiety might still creep in. They may not be sure how the floor’s […]

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