Characterizing Your Polished Concrete Floor

You can decorate traditional flooring with carpeting, tiles, different types of hardwood, and many other ways. What about polished concrete floors? Polished concrete floors allow you to go above and beyond traditional decorating methods. Stenciling, stamping, and staining are great ways to give your concrete floor character.


Stenciling opens the doors to many elaborate patterns and colors. Owners can create a border or even make up their own unique design on the floor’s center. If you like the look of tile, stenciling will allow you to recreate this look.


If you are going for color, staining is a great way to make the floor stand out. The process involves adding acidic solutions or nonacidic solutions to the floor. Nonacidic stains come with a better color selection, but look uniform. Acidic solutions give off a more natural appearance.


If you like the look of brick, slate, stone, tile, or even wood, stamping will help you achieve this. The technique is also referred to as patterned stamped or imprinted concrete. You have the ability to replicate many looks in a more cost-effective manner.

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