Reasons Polished Concrete is Better Than Unpolished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring is better than unpolished flooring of the same form. If you are to have concrete laid down, then you want it to look and feel great. At home, the presentation of your floors says much about your style and care in decoration. In places of business, the flooring you choose signals to persons visiting you the general standard of professionalism you maintain. In both instances, you want to put your best floor forward so to speak. Here are some of the reasons why polished concrete flooring is better than non-polished flooring.

One of the best reasons is to have your concrete floor polished is that it eliminates dust and other particulates. A dusty floor not only leaves a messy and uncomely appearance it is also harder to walk on. A dusty concrete floor can also damage the epoxy coating on a floor, which can lead to long term damage to it.

Another reason for getting your concrete floor polished is the savings you will make in future maintenance costs. The threat to the epoxy coating has already been mentioned. The stress and strain of human and non-human traffic can increase the likelihood of damage, which will cost you money in the long term. An unpolished concrete floor also requires stripping and waxing from time to time, which can be costly.

Safety is also an issue. An unpolished concrete floor can increase the chance of slip and falls. In a place of business this can lead to costly litigation. And even if it doesn’t, it may make your facility subject to the scrutiny of OSHA and other governmental regulators.

One of the most important reasons to polish your concrete floor is for aesthetic pleasure. The beauty of a well-polished concrete floor should not be underestimated. It can make a great impression on those visiting your space.

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