Polished Concrete Maintenance and Service Options

Maintaining a polished concrete floor requires some very simple steps. The result for your flooring is a dazzling shine that will showcase any items that are located on the floor. It will also reflect light in a manner that illuminates the entire room. Keeping the flooring in a condition that will always yield this aesthetic means following routine steps for polished concrete maintenance and service.

Not every facility is the same, meaning the maintenance that one polished concrete floor requires will not be the same as another. The use of the facility and the amount of foot traffic will determine the frequency of the maintenance for the polished concrete flooring. Schedule a meeting with all of the parties that will have a direct effect on the polished concrete. That goes for night and day managers, janitors, and necessary employees.

Determine when the most traffic and abrasion is moving across the floor. Develop a plan and a strategy for maintaining the floor while working within the daily operations of the facility. There should be a maintenance team of employees in place that are cooperating. Having a schedule is the best way to make sure that routine maintenance of the flooring does not interfere. Employees should also figure out where and when the simple maintenance should start and begin.

Everyone should be trained on the agreed upon proper maintenance procedures. For instance, the schedule should allow for a daily dust mopping. Since this is part of a daily routine, everyone should know when this is supposed to be done. It may be first thing in the morning, or at the end of the day. This task should be completed without fail, and understood that the space will need to be available every day.

Mopping with clear water should be performed on a weekly basis. At the end of the month, soap should be used. This is not a process that needs to be repeated monthly unless it seems appropriate due to the traffic and abrasion. When you get to the annual treatment, it should be the same service, adding pads and polishes just to make sure the sparkle remains.

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