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Affordable Greensboro Concrete Polishing Brings Out the Shine

The modern Greensboro building design takes on a long-lasting, affordable quality with concrete polishing. Beautiful and durable, polished concrete flooring is a wise option to use for flooring in large office spaces. Today, most of the contemporary office buildings in Greensboro are built on a concrete slab. Polishing the concrete brings out the luster and […]

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Polished Concrete Floors Are Environmentally Friendly

Considering making a change to your flooring? Are you looking for something that is not only durable, easy to maintain, but also a healthy alternative to carpeting? Polished concrete floors have become popular in both residential and commercial buildings. Perhaps the most alluring feature of polished concrete is the countless array of decorative options available. […]

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Green Benefits of Polished Concrete

Environmentally conscious builders and contractors are trying to save the earth, one project at a time. Whenever any construction or renovation is done to a building, one of the first criteria for planners is that it is 100% environmentally friendly. The same is true for most new commercial and residential floor installations. Not only is […]

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Going Green with Polished Concrete Floors

Nowadays more and more architects, interior designers, building contractors and of the general public get involved with environmentally friendly projects, which are supported by: the United States government. Polished concrete floors are one of such projects. The latest diamond technology that gets the concrete surface naturally polished is appealing to people looking for an aesthetically […]

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