The Sustainability of Polished Concrete Floors

Don’t let the word “concrete” scare you. Concrete floors are one of the simplest, cost-effective, and sustainable floor options out there today. Companies and homeowners are starting to notice the splendor of these floors. If you are looking to go green with your floors, start thinking about polished concrete floors.

Concrete is an essential part of most construction processes. For those that use flooring other than polished concrete, each additional step in the construction adds more expenses, resources and environmental impact than just simply leaving it at concrete. Manufacturing, refining, and transporting materials all add to this.

These polished floors naturally reflect the light in your home or business building, thus creating even more light. Since your interior light is maximized, this will greatly reduce the amount you spend on your electricity bill.

When you construct your floors or walls with concrete and combine it with passive solar design, you gain thermal mass. This in turn moderates the temperature in your home. Now you can give your HVAC systems a bit of a break.

Since a polished concrete surface will not attract mold, mildew, or organisms at anywhere near the scale of other flooring materials, necessary cleaning is cut to a minimum, and improved air quality means less health hazards. Over time, this becomes much more relevant – as wood may collect moisture and begin to rot or warp, or tiles may crack or loosen, polished concrete will remain consistent for decades.

Are you considering polished concrete floors for your business? If you are located in North Carolina, call Preferred Concrete Polishing at (336) 992-5600. We provide services including concrete dying, polishing, and resurfacing.

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