Featured Project: Stonecrest Toyota

img3There are so many beautiful and effective applications for polished concrete. Businesses are constantly upgrading their floors, and increasing the sophistication and professionalism of their property. One of the most popular uses for polished concrete flooring is on the showroom floors in the auto industry. Many auto shows employ polished concrete because this flooring has a way of highlighting the merchandise like nothing else. One of Preferred Concrete Polishing’s featured projects is Stonecrest Toyota.

The floor of the dealership has a lot of traffic that travels across its floors. In many dealerships, like Stonecrest, there is a need to accommodate foot traffic to offices and waiting areas. This traffic can cause wear and tear upon other floors in most circumstances, just as much as the weight and wear of sitting vehicles. Polished concrete flooring is not only durable, but it also gives a reflection and a gloss that is easy to maintain. Stonecrest Toyota’s polished concrete floors have proven to be the preferred alternative to any other showroom flooring.

Extending into the maintenance and repair departments, the polished concrete is just as functional. The light reflection off polished concrete is an asset to all mechanics and repairmen. In just the way that it makes it easy to spot tools, any shop will appreciate the upgrade. Polished concrete is not only an enhancement that’s aesthetically attractive, but it also functions as an extremely durable, multi-purpose flooring. Lighting in a room with polished concrete is made much brighter by the reflection off the floor. This sparkle either accentuates what’s being presented on the floor, or it will make an excellent workspace that benefits from effective lighting.

For any commercial property, especially showroom floors, the overriding impression that’s left with consumers is that polished concrete has created a professional and attractive atmosphere.


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