Different Levels of Finish for Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can bring the kind of elegance and solidity to your working space that you believe it needs. The maintenance of such a floor is just as important as its installation. Indeed, if you are not to let the investment in a concrete floor go to waste then the establishment of a planned maintenance system to keep it materially sound and perfect working order is a must.

One of the things that you may consider doing is polishing. There is much that must be considered if you are thinking about polishing a concrete floor. Unlike floors made of other materials, concrete has particular properties which make it necessary for anyone intending to polish it to take special precautions. Dirt, grime, and dust tend to get settled in the various nooks and crannies of the concrete. It is therefore a good idea to clear such particulate from the floor by rinsing it down thoroughly before you start the job.

The choice of product to use as polish is also an important factor. Much depends on the kind of shine you want your floor to ultimately have. It is crucial for you to purchase and employ only the resin that will give you the sparkle and appearance you want. A 100-grit resin will, when you look down at your floor, give it a cloudy and hazy appearance. This is suitable for persons who want a floor that has the look of cleanliness on speck, but does not give off too great a glow. A 400-grit resin will provide a reflection even from a distance. This is probably most appropriate for those who want their floors to have a definitive and unmistakable shine.

As you increase the grit of the resin you will increase the shine of your floor. One of the things to think about when deciding on the kind of resin you wish to purchase is the conditions and general circumstances of the work or activities done in the space in which the floor you intend to polish is located. This really ought to be significant as a determining factor in your work. Once you have decided on the kind of look you want your floor to have, you can begin looking for the particular product that will produce it.

Discerning the details of what is in each of the products you intend to apply to your floor is essential to getting the look you want.

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