What is Polished Concrete?

When it comes to long-lasting, affordable flooring nothing comes close to polished concrete. Many people are now turning to this super-durable flooring option for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at polished concrete more closely.

To start, polished concrete is a process that includes a mechanical grinding of the concrete until it is very smooth, and then a polishing process that often uses industrial diamonds to get a remarkable shine. Hardeners and sealants are added to protect the floor.

This flooring option is being used more and more by commercial properties such as retail, warehouse, and in some public buildings because it can be decorated easily. Many showrooms and office buildings are also turning to polished concrete as the flooring of choice. It has been suggested that it is the fastest growing type of flooring today.

There are many benefits to polished concrete. Some of these benefits include relatively low-cost; it requires very little maintenance; it is incredible durable even under heavy traffic; and polished concrete has a distinctive and unique appearance that cannot be found elsewhere. Another benefit to having a polished concrete floor is that it is very easy to keep clean even on the worst of days. This is one of the reasons that so many retail outlets are choosing it.

Another reason many businesses are choosing this type of flooring is because it does not need waxing to keep its shine. This is because the hardening solution that is applied during the grinding process provides a long-lasting shine. Also, these floors are remarkable when it comes to resisting stains, scuff marks, and other forms of wear.

Polished concrete can be decorated in many different ways. It can have colors or textures added to it to give it a unique look. It can also be stamped, painted, patterned or even stained.

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