Polished Concrete Floors Are Environmentally Friendly

Considering making a change to your flooring? Are you looking for something that is not only durable, easy to maintain, but also a healthy alternative to carpeting? Polished concrete floors have become popular in both residential and commercial buildings. Perhaps the most alluring feature of polished concrete is the countless array of decorative options available. Polished concrete floors can make a bold style statement or harmonize with other building materials. The high-luster look of polished concrete also imitates the look of polished stone, which adds a stunning, sophisticated look to any home or business. Besides the aesthetic qualities of this versatile flooring option, concrete flooring is durable and eco-friendly. Both the installation and maintenance of polished concrete floors have positive environmental benefits.

Concrete Floors Optimize Energy

Concrete floors can decrease the cooling and heating amounts within a home or building. The concrete absorbs the heat of the sun during the day and releases the stored heat as needed at night. Further energy can be saved due to the 85% light reflectivity of polished concrete. This increased light reflectivity allows for fewer light fixtures and energy use because of the floor’s high gloss. On the other hand, in the summer and hot climates, concrete floors protected from the sun will stay cool longer and can help reduce air-conditioning costs. This means you can significantly cut heating and cooling bills and possibly save on HVAC equipment costs and replacements. Polished concrete adds to the brightness of natural light.

Flooring That Can Last a Lifetime

Concrete is one of the most long-lasting, man-made materials on earth. When concrete floors are properly maintained, they should last a lifetime. There aren’t many flooring materials that have the endurance of concrete. Carpet, tile, and wood floors eventually need replacement, which consumes resources and creates disposal problems Studies have determined a 65% savings of maintenance cost compared to other floor covering.

Polished Concrete is Easy to Clean and Easy to the Environment

It is also easier to clean using only eco-friendly products. Polished concrete floors do not need stripping or waxing with harsh chemicals that reduces the amount of possible contaminants released to the environment. Polished concrete floors have a very flat, smooth surface texture, so the dirt stays on top making it very easy to keep clean. It even requires less soap.

A Flooring Option that Provides Health and Comfort

Concrete flooring reduces other indoor air contaminants that can be potentially irritating. Adhesives and coatings are not used in the finishing process of polished concrete. The concrete hardener or densifier applied to the concrete during polishing does not contain solvents and has little or no volatile organic compounds or VOCs. It is also an excellent choice for allergy sufferers because concrete does not hold dust, mold, dust mites or pollens compared to carpet. Concrete floors also do not contribute to the growth of toxic mold, unlike carpeting that can trap bacteria and foster mold growth.

Polished concrete floors help improve the overall interior environmental quality of your home or building as well as on the outdoor environment. Choosing this versatile, beautiful, and beneficial flooring option will provide a durable, low-maintenance floor that will last the life of your home. Preferred Concrete Polishing serves the Greensboro/Piedmont Triad area, and we also serve customers nationwide. Give us a call at 336-992-5600.

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